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Bedrock Edition in LibertyLand!

Starting April 5th, 2019 the LibertyLand Network officially supports connecting using Bedrock Edition versions; it was already possible, however it was not recommended due the amount of bugs that are now fixed and tested.

Please read about the current bugs below. Report any issue you see if they aren't listed in the known bugs section.

The LibertyLand Network is proud to announce that after months of work, bug fixing of first and third party plugins, testing, we're able to release officially the support for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, on Android, iOS, Windows 10, Xbox One* and Nintendo Switch*.

This is a big step on the right direction, as we're one of the first Java Edition Networks on supporting crossplay between Bedrock and Java Editions of the game and the first Towny server on supporting it.


Please check out the thread we prepared: Here

  • Enchanting tables do not work correctly. They will disconnect you.
  • Anvils do not work correctly. They will disconnect you.
  • No swim animation.
  • Blocks do not play sounds when placing or breaking.
  • Can't interact with some NPCs
  • Item frames do not show the item or block.
  • Some blocks are shown incorrectly.

News - February 2019

Hey there. We're back with the monthly news (a bit late but here it is).

We finally released our website with all the information about the server. There's also a page with all the vote links!

We're proud to release our premium currency!
Tokens are enchanted emeralds with custom name and lore (so they can't be faked) that you can use to buy premium services, VIP(+) ranks and OP items.

The new premium currency has a value of $1,000,000 maximum and $100,000 minimum. However, this may vary depending on the seller. For example, some user may sell you 1 token for $500,000 but some other for $400,000.

The new Token Exchange Center is now available in /warp tokens and you can buy, sell and redeem tokens for coupons and the new Token Fragment.

Token Exchange Center:

In the Token Exchange Center you can buy VIP and VIP+ ranks with ingame money (Tokens). [TIP: They're 30% cheaper in our webstore, while you support the server you also pay less for the same VIP membership ;)]

You can exchange 5 Token Fragments for 1 Token, 1 Token Coupon for 1 Token; buy 1 Token for $1,000,000 and sell for $100,000.

News - January 2019

Welcome to the first delivery of the Server's News!

This series will be posted every month, containing news and planned projects for the server or its services.

Without further ado, lets begin.

After some days of hard work we're ready to announce the launch of our Webstore. Here you can demonstrate your support to the server while getting perks or items. The current buyable items are VIP ranks and Tokens (more info on this soon).

We have a $15 goal setup in case you want co contribute to our Domain Renewal for next year. Every package participates!

New Domain:
After getting some donations from various users we used the money to get a new, less-sketchy domain name! The new domain is You can continue to use the old domain(s), however, if the goal is meet, we can't assure they will be there forever. Maintaining 4 domains isn't easy!

Player Decrease:
During the last month we've noticed the player count has decreased, this affects the popularity of the server and other's experience to play. In an effort to raise player count we'll be installing a plugin that rewards players for online hours and daily logins with money. Remember you can suggest features you'd like to see implemented in our #feature-request channel in our Discord server.

You can also vote every day for us using /vote ingame! You can get money and with some luck a lot of cool rewards!

After some weeks of testing we can announce Player Marriages are now live! They cost 25k, however, they bring some interesting advantages such as:
  • Having a common house where to teleport.
  • Special chat between two players.
  • Having a heart in the chat prefix.
If you want to get married with another player please contact a Moderator.

[EVENT] Build a base to win 2 WEEKS OF VIP!

Heads up!

Starting today, December 11th, you'll be able to participate in an event to win 2 weeks of VIP rank, a special pathway to your base, and a shout-out on the Discord server!

To participate, you should build a base on a plot in LibertyCity, ask staff to participate with the base you've created (give them a few pics of it), and we'll sign you up!

  • You must actually own the plot, so no renting from others (unless you want them to participate)
  • Only 1 submission per user (so no alts!)
The event will be closed per December 25th, so you'll have 2 weeks to submit your base. You'll then be able to vote on each other's bases; the winner will receive the prizes listed above.

Re-opening of Towny

Hi, as stated in our last announcement, the Towny server was under maintenance to upgrade it to 1.13.

I'm proud to announce that the maintenance is over and we support 1.8-1.13 (1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12 and 1.13).

We are truly sorry for the long downtime the server had, however we had to ensure stability and attempt to fix any possible bugs.

However, we aren't perfect, so if you detect a bug please report it ASAP to a staff member, remember Bug abuse is a punisheable offense.

Happy playing!

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